If dieting claims to be the most effective way to lose weight quickly, why do so many people struggle? Too much misinformation, too many restrictions, plus most diets are not aligned with our body's natural chemistry and impossible to maintain. Luckily if you're a woman in her 40s and beyond, there's a far better solution.

If you're like most women you've tried a number of diets but have never been able to achieve or maintain reliably good results. Sound accurate? Chances are good it wasn't your fault, and there's a surprising reason why.

I'm a great example. At 46 and going through peri-menopause, I'd almost given up on losing all the fat I gained in my belly, hips and legs after I turned 40.

The very last diet I ever tried (before discovering what I'm now doing - more on that in a moment) was Keto, and I decided to give it my best effort.

For two weeks or so I followed the method to the letter and did everything I was supposed to do. I lost weight pretty early on, and then I got stuck. Suddenly the scale wasn't moving anymore.

And then came the hunger...followed by a TON of cravings. More than I had before I started.

I became that person everyone dreads. The one who whines and complains about being hungry all the time.

One night I gave up and ripped open a bag of cookies. And chips. And soda. I was back on the binge eating roller coaster AGAIN.

The weight I'd lost came back... and then some. I avoided all the mirrors in my house so I didn't have to see where else it was showing up on my body.

I was so irritated with myself. Why did I always end up here?

There's so much research and science behind these diets. Was I just doing it wrong?

It was a huge surprise to me when I discovered that it wasn't my fault at all.

Late one night I just happened to stumble upon an article that helped me learn something important about dieting: Constant restriction is NOT in alignment with how our bodies are designed.  

The article explained that by starving the body of calories, its response is to slow down instead of speed up. 

I was floored... but it made perfect sense to me. No wonder none of the diets ever worked for me!

At that point what I was desperately hoping to find was revealed... a method that was reliable and easy to maintain without any of the frustration.

The article explained that early humans did not eat constantly - they only ate when they could catch an animal (not that often) or find non-deadly plants.

This means our human biological design is to take 
longer breaks in between eating. My mind was blown... but again, it finally made complete sense!

At this point the article revealed the method that has been quietly changing the lives of many people, and I'm now of them. That method is Intermittent Fasting.


Intermittent fasting is proven to reduce body weight in addition to vastly improving overall health.

PubMed: "Fasting was found to be more effective than calorie restriction at increasing fat loss while simultaneously preserving muscle tissue"

"Intermittent fasting over 3–12 weeks was as effective in inducing weight loss as continuous calorie restriction and decreased body weight and fat mass by up to 8% and 16% respectively"

"Both intermittent fasting and alternate-day fasting were as effective as limiting calorie intake at reducing insulin resistance"

It turns out that, much like diets, not all fasting plans are created equal.

It's not just about taking breaks from eating... it's how those breaks are structured and what happens inside the eating windows that makes the difference.

After doing a whole bunch of research to find an effective plan (I'm picky to a fault when it comes to my health) I finally chose My Perfect Fast

My Perfect Fast is a plan designed specifically for your own goals. Instead of a one-size-fits all approach, you take a short quiz and then receive a plan that's tailored to your personal schedule and preferences.

Once I started My Perfect Fast, it wasn't long before I dialed into MY body's rhythm and began losing weight consistently every week.

It turns out that weight loss happens effortlessly once we stop dieting and align with our natural biological code.

The best part for me is I stopped feeling guilty, confused and overwhelmed.

For years I thought fasting was basically starving yourself... but that couldn't be farther from the truth!

I'm enjoying my favorite foods again without any guilt, while giving my body certain periods of rest in a way that feels completely natural.

You might be like me - I didn't want to sift through all the science and use a calculator to figure out how to make fasting work. I just wanted to know how to lose weight and get healthy!

I wanted something easy to follow with predictable results so I could actually look in the mirror again.

And I didn't want to struggle forever with brain fog and fatigue and low energy. I wanted all the benefits everyone raves about when it comes to fasting - more alert, more energy, an overall sense of well being - and I especially wanted to lose all that fat in my butt and hips.

I can honestly say that My Perfect Fast outlined it all for me, and I know exactly what to do. It's all right there. And I can eat without counting calories for the first time ever!

All thanks to My Perfect Fast.

"I finally love clothes shopping! A quiz and a personalized plan got me everything I wanted."

"Every diet I did failed me...until this plan. My progress is steady and I can't wait to see myself in a few more months!"

"I finally love clothes shopping! A quiz and a personalized plan got me everything I wanted."

Could your goals be one quiz away, too?

Listen, I've tried MANY diets. Too many to count.

I've been on the weight loss (and gain) roller coaster since I was 35.

Every time I tried something new, I made it hard. I understand now why I never got the results I wanted.

I'll admit that prior to this I had never even considered fasting as a healthy way of approaching food. I'm so glad to know what my body needs now so I can be realistic about how to approach it and what to expect.

My Perfect Fast is great for that. Just choose your goal and get started!

Everything is done for you. You can stop overthinking things (like me) and follow the plan they give you.

It's hard to believe the results I've gotten. I love looking in the mirror now. 
I'm proud of what I see!

My friends love to tease me (embarrass me!) in public. They pretend I'm someone they don't know because I'm half the size I used to be. But after teasing me they ask what I did, and I immediately direct them to My Perfect Fast.

Trust me - if you've been wondering how to finally lose weight without all the calorie counting and overthinking every little thing...

You owe it to yourself to give the My Perfect Fast free quiz a try.

I promise it will change your approach to weight loss and health forever.

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